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Thread Sealants

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Thread sealants are products used to prevent fluid and gas leaks in a threaded pipe connection. They are easy to apply and cure quickly.

They work by filling the gaps between the male and female threaded connections. They also function as a lubricant as the threads are put together. Sealants cure in the absence of air. After hardening, they form a tough thermoset plastic, providing a leak-free seal.

Thread sealants typically resist temperatures between -55° C to +150° C. This range is ideal for most hydraulic and pneumatic lines.

ConRo Electronics offers a wide choice of thread sealants from Henkel Loctite.

Conro Electronics is an authorized distributor for Henkel Loctite.

Key advantages of thread sealants

  • Clean and easy to apply
  • Do not creep, shrink, or contaminate systems
  • Can be used on any size of pipe fitting
  • Resist vibration and shock
  • Protect threads and fittings against corrosion
  • Compatible with a wide range of fluids, chemicals and solvents
  • Designed for high- and low-pressure applications
  • Allow joint adjustment after application

Types of thread sealants

They are available in a wide range of viscosities, strengths, and cure speeds. Each product is designed to meet your specific application requirements.

Sealants come in three forms:

  • Liquid (low or high viscosity): Low viscosity sealant is suited for pipe threads of up to 2 cm diameter. It is also a good choice for pipes with fine threads, so that the liquid can quickly fill in all the gaps. High viscosity sealant is better suited to pipe joints with coarse threads.
  • Paste (also available on stick dispensers): Sealing paste will perform better on pipes of 5 to 7,5 cm diameter.
  • Tape and cords: This type of sealant is suited for larger pipe joints of up to 10 cm. Sealing cord is especially recommended for plastic pipes.

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